Market Segments


Our comprehensive range of metalworking fluids and lubricants meet the needs of the entire aerospace manufacturing process where machining complex metal types such as aluminium and titanium to tight tolerances are a critical part of the operation.


Our wide range of metalworking, heat treatment, chemical cleaner and rust preventative products have been developed to meet the strict guidelines of the automotive Industry where multi-metal machining capability is essential.


Our metalworking fluids and lubricants are designed to meet the needs of the bearing manufacturers who provide their products to a large spectrum of applications for cars, aircraft, computers, construction equipment, machine tools and many others.


Our solvent-based, oil-based and water miscible products provide the necessary lubrication in the manufacture of car body panels, radiators & air conditioning units, office furniture, nuts & bolts and crankshafts & casings using stamping, drawing, heading, forging, and press forming processes to form the finished components.


Our extensive range of high specification metalworking fluids meet the needs of the medical device and implant industries where complex machining of titanium with tight tolerances are critical.


Where coal, gas turbine or engine, nuclear and wind is used to generate energy our high quality lubricants are designed to increase output and to maximise profit.