MC - 4 Stroke Engine oils A Better Class of Oil for Over 90 Years

Motorcycle / GoKart

Competition proven and trusted protection for performance engines. Developed for ultimate performance and used by Penrite Honda Racing Team. Click here to view the products used by Honda Racing.

If you want to lavish your Motorcycle, Ag Bike, Go-Kart or Quad Bike with expert care, our dedicated motor cycle range has products and specifications to suit the needs of most whether that is on or off road, competition, agriculture or veteran and classic machines.
As with all Penrite products, our lubricants are blended with premium grade mineral base & synthetic oils with performance additive packs for unsurpassed quality and performance.
Our Motor Cycle range consists of 6 dedicated 4 Stroke Engine Oils. The range has products suitable for late model Japanese, European & US sourced bikes, Asian made pit bikes all the way through to early model and classic American, British & European bikes.

Four Stroke Range

The range features Full PAO & Ester Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Premium Mineral engine oils. They all have Full Zinc for added protection against wear.

MC4-ST 5W-40 Full PAO & Ester Synthetic
MC4-ST 10W-40 Full PAO & Ester Synthetic
MC4-ST 10W-60 Full PAO & Ester Synthetic
MC4-ST 15W-50 Full PAO & Ester Synthetic
MC4-ST V-TWIN 20W-50 Full PAO & Ester Synthetic
MC4-ST Full 10W-40 Full Synthetic
MC4 SEMI 10W-30 Semi Synthetic
MC4 10W-50 Semi Synthetic
MC4 15W50 Semi Synthetic
MC4 15W-50 Premium Mineral
MC4 20W-50 Premium Mineral
MC4 SAE 50 Premium Mineral

Motorcycle & Passenger Car Compatible Oils

If you are need products that cover both your 2 & 4 wheel vehicles there are Penrite Oils that are compatible with both Motor Cars and Cycles either Petrol, LPG or Diesel.
Some products can be used in your Motor Cycle, Motor Car & Truck including heavy diesel vehicles and stationery engines if one oil has to do it all!

Full Synthetic 10W-40 Full Synthetic
HPR 5 5W-40 Full Synthetic
HPR 30 20W-60 Premium Mineral
HPR Gas 10 10W-50 Semi Synthetic
HPR Gas 20W-60 Premium Mineral
HPR Diesel 5 5W-40 Semi Synthetic
HPR Diesel 10 10W-40 Semi Synthetic
HPR Diesel 15 15W-50 Semi Synthetic
HPR Diesel 20W-60 Premium Mineral
Racing 10 10W-40 100% PAO & Ester Synthetic
Racing 15 15W-50 100% PAO & Ester Synthetic
Racing 20 20W-60 100% PAO & Ester Synthetic
Premium 0 0W-40 100% PAO & Ester Synthetic
Premium 5 5W-50 100% PAO & Ester Synthetic
Premium 10 10W-60 100% PAO & Ester Synthetic

Classic Range

Products made specially for older US, British and Japanese Motorcycles

Enduro 4 Stroke 25W-70 Premium Mineral
HD Oil 50-70 Premium Mineral
Classic Light Premium Mineral
Classic Medium Premium Mineral
Classic Heavy Premium Mineral
Shelsley Light Premium Mineral
Shelsley Medium Premium Mineral
Shelsley Heavy Premium Mineral

Small Engine Range

Specialty products for smaller capacity engines in motorcycles, lawn mowers, generators as well as many other machines that specify this grade of product.
Small Engine 4 Stroke 10W-30 Semi Synthetic
Small Engine Four Stroke 20W-50 Mineral
Small Engine 4 Stroke Monograde SAE 30

All of our Motorcycle specific and other recommended products are JASO MA certified and / or are wet clutch compatible. All Penrite Motorcycle products either meet or exceed the latest JASO & ISO certifications.

Two Stroke Range

If you ride a 2 Stroke Cycle, Kart or Agricultural machine, then Penrite have a range of 2 Stroke oils to cover these applications.

MC2-ST Semi Synthetic
MC2-ST Full Synthetic
Race Castor Synthetic

Specialty Range

Penrite also have a range of specialty products to keep your ride performing at its best.

10 Tenths Chain Lube - Race
10 Tenths Chain Cleaner
10 Tenths Foam Filter Oil - Aerosol
Brake Fluids
Chain Lube - Road
Fork Oil 5
Fork Oil 10
Fork Oil 15
Foam Filter Oil
Foam Filter Cleaner
Gearbox Oil

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Range of 2 & 4 Stroke engine oils
  • Extra 10 for maximum protection
  • Full Zinc to minimise engine wear
  • Available in Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic & Mineral
  • Full PAO & Ester Racing products
  • Early American & European product range
  • Latest JASO & ISO Industry specifications
  • Non-Friction modified to prevent clutch slippage
  • 2 Stroke available in 1L chamber pack

  • Please review the Product Information Sheets on each product for more information

    Penrite recommend "The Right Oil for the Right Application".

    To find the right engine oil, transmission, brake, steering, suspension fluid, grease or
    coolant for your vehicle, please visit the Penrite Lube Guide by clicking on the following link.

    Penrite Lube Guide

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