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Penrite Oil- POWER STEERING FLUID - Power Steering Fluids

Power Steering Fluid "with Stop-leak Additive Technology" is a premium mineral based, multipurpose power steering fluid designed for use in power steering units that specify conventional type Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's) i.e. DEXRON® II &am...
Minimises shudder (noise & chatter) in power s... + read more

Penrite Oil- LDAS - Power Steering Fluids

LDAS is a Full Synthetic hydraulic fluid, especially developed for power steering, brake, suspension leveling and hydraulic suspension systems. It can also be used in shock absorber, hydro-pneumatic suspension, traction and stability control. Additio...
Good flow rates of fluid at extremes of temperatur... + read more

Penrite Oil- LHM PLUS - Power Steering Fluids

LHM Plus is Premium Mineral oil specifically designed for use in power steering, suspension, hydraulic and braking systems meeting ISO 7308 for petroleum based fluids used in stored energy systems. Additinal Information ...
Protects against wear and corrosion Good flow rate... + read more

PAS FLUID - (Power Assisted Steering Fluid)
Penrite Oil- PAS FLUID - (Power Assisted Steering Fluid) - Power Steering Fluids

PAS Fluid is a premium, semi synthetic oil specially designed for use in Australian, European, US & Korean power steering and suspension systems. It contains a special Anti-Shudder (noise & chatter) additive. PAS Fluid fully meets the require...
Semi synthetic performance Minimises shudder &... + read more

HPSO (Honda Power Steering Oil)
Penrite Oil- HPSO (Honda Power Steering Oil) - Power Steering Fluids

HPSO is a premium fully synthetic oil specially designed for use in power steering and suspension units. It contains a unique combination of anti-shudder additives, dispersants and seal swell additives along with a specialised synthetic base oil to o...
Correct viscosity for Honda Power Steering units C... + read more

Penrite Oil- MB15 SUSPENSION FLUID (MINERAL) - Power Steering Fluids

MB 15 Suspension Fluid is a light, high viscosity index, zinc free Premium Mineral oil designed for suspension components & hydraulic self-levelling suspension units that specify MB 343.0. Colour of product is Amber. Additional Information ...
Provides excellent wear and anti-corrosion protect... + read more

Penrite Oil- POWER STEERING TRADE PACK - Power Steering Fluids

Power Steering Trade Pack is designed for trade based outlets, service centres and workshops as a promotional pack that contains the following products Product InformationPower Steering Fluid...
Covers Australian, Asian, US annd European specifi... + read more

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