Penrite Hattah Desert Race 2018 (06-07-2018 - 08-07-2018) Suggest an Event?



Organisation: Murray Fowlett

Organisation Tel: 0419 346 961

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Event Details

The Penrite Hattah Desert Race is celebrating 20 years in 2017, and now attracts a large field of riders (2016 – 650 total competitors, 250 Juniors & 400 Seniors) not only from Australia but also internationally, pitting themselves against each other on a course that includes dust, dirt, mud, sand with tight corners demanding agility and finesse as well as brute speed.

Arriving at the Hattah Desert Race and you’re met with the sight of lines of cars and gazebos forming an ad hoc pit lane. It’s a long way from the umbrellas and bikini girls of Formula One but the crews here are every bit as dedicated to victory.

The smell of fuel lingers heavy in the air; there’s no stopping the red dust blowing into your mouth and the noise is deafening as hundreds of motorbikes are kick-started, revved up and pushed to their speed limits by eager competitors.