Round #3 Mazda RX-8 Cup Series (17-08-2018 - 19-08-2018) Suggest an Event?


Organisation: Lachlan O'Hara
Organisation Tel: 0435532635
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Event Details

A one make race series for early RX8 Mazda's formulated with control items. Making for a cheap format of close motor racing.

Round #3 of the 2018 RX-8 Cup Series will be at Wakefield Park, Goulburn.

The intent of the category is to enable competitors to adequately prepare a production Mazda RX8 series 1 for competition. The ARCS Australian RX8 Cup Series is intended to be a circuit racing group for Mazda RX8’s that have controlled parameters installed to promote and easily manage parity for performance and other componentry. The ARCS is aimed at Club level competitors as an entry level motor sport class operated under AASA/guidelines and requirements. 

Our philosophy and aim is to develop the most cost effective grass roots motor sport series in Australia.