Penrite Oil V8 Superboats - Round 6 - Temora (22-09-2018 - 22-09-2018)

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Penrite has taken the naming rights of V8 Superboats for both the six-round National Championships, and the forthcoming UIM World Championships.

The partnership will see the familiar black, red and gold insignia of Penrite adorn the two championships, bringing with it, significant exposure to the sport and a heavy-hitting Australian profile.

The Australian Championships will be known as the 2018 Penrite Australian Superboat Championships, whilst the forthcoming world titles, will become the 2018 Penrite UIM World Championships.

“Like Penrite, V8 Superboats is all about passion,” Penrite Oil Australia’s General Manager Toby Dymond admitted. “The teams, the drivers and the fans are purists who love their motorsport, just like we do. When the opportunity came to be involved with the series in a World Championship year, we felt that it was the ideal time to ‘jump on board’.”

Penrite is no stranger to motorsport, having been a part of a variety of categories over the years, however the ability to showcase Penrite’ s extensive Marine range is an ideal fit. What better place to put engine oils , gear oil and even greases to the ultimate test than flat out on the water.

V8 Superboats too are no stranger to Penrite, with the iconic brand having adorned a number of boats in the series over few past years, through the Penrite Brand Ambassador program including - fittingly - the winner of the opening round of the 2018 Unlimited Superboat season, Scott Krause.

Season 2018 has also attracted the return of television to the sport, with a series of programs to be released worldwide during the year providing extensive exposure to what is regarded by many as one of the most raw and exciting forms of motorsport on the planet.