Brodie Moore Drift Challenge Australia Round Report

Over the past weekend on August 5th the final round of the Drift Challenge Australia, Tasmanian Series was held at Baskerville Raceway. Just 20 minutes out of the Hobart CBD, It is the oldest operating track in Australia and in my opinion one of the best drift circuits in Australia.

Coming into the weekend I was sitting in 3rd place in series points. With a disastrous first round unfortunately getting knocked out early on the day I was able to stay within arms reach of the leaders with an extra few points from qualifying first and having a strong 2nd place finish at Round 2.

On the morning of the event the track was fairly damp, all drivers hoping the bureau of meteorology forecast for a slight chance of rain would hold off. Once drivers briefing had been held where the judges had detailed the specific line they wanted the lead car to drive, all headed out to get some practice in. The damp track was proving tricky to get the car out on the wide line clipping points, teetering right on the edge of the track. With each lap under my belt the track was drying and conditions improving. With every new run I could drive faster, more aggressive and smokier! As qualifying was during the practice session, once i was settled with enough laps under my belt I decided to do my qualifying runs.

Lining up in the qualifying lane, headlights on so the judges and crowd could see I would be qualifying I set off through the pace cones as quickly as possibly. The car now high in the rpm of 3rd gear I initiated my drift with a single flick entry, just as the judges had asked. A little shallow on turn 1 outside clip but with lots of angle and a snappy transition into clip 2. All the way out wide down the iconic Baskerville esses for Clipping point 3 I would once again flick hard at the outside clip 4, this one proving difficult for most during the day. Once through this section the judges had asked to simply maintain the car sideways the reminder of the last corner as this would not be weighted heavily in judging points. Fairly happy with my run I would try to better it with my second allocated qualifying lap. This run I also didn't push as wide as would have hoped on turn 1, but the rest very similar. I would need to wait until lunchtime break/ spectator pitwalk before results would be released.

Drivers announced of their results I would come away with 4th place Qualifier. Mechanical dramas had caused havoc with a few entrants resulting in 1st to 4th place qualifiers getting a bye run straight into the Top 16.

Deciding to do a bye run and get some extra practice in the now dry conditions I went out in the Top 32 completing a single hot lap.

Once run i would meet James Taylor driving a Toyota 1JZ powered E30 BMW in the top 16. Qualifying higher I would lead first with a lap about the same standard as my qualifying laps. Once positions switched i was able to use my chasing strengths as an advantage and stick it to the back of the E30 to progress through to the Top 8. 

Once again in a very similar battle as the Top 16 I would cement dominance with a more aggressive/ closer chase against Dylan Cooper in his Sr20 powered Nissan 180sx tasking me on to the Top 4.

This is where the championship would be put on the line as I was up against series points lead and top qualifier of the day  Josh How in his turbo 4AGE powered KE70. Having gotten a lot of practice in with Josh in the morning session I was keen to put on a show for the crowd and push as hard as possible. Taking off i was hot on the KE70's tail but possibly a little too close for turn 1 not allowing myself enough room to initiate a good flick into the first corner. A little shallow into turn 1 I caught back up straight away and stuck to Josh's door's for each transition and corner of the remaining track. My turn in lead I completed a near perfect lead run, but the nature of doing so due to the great judging criteria this allowed Josh to be all over my car and ultimately progress through. The small mistake in turn 1 for me was enough to have the disadvantage.

Here I would go on for the 3rd place battle meeting Trent Palmer in his SR20 powered 180sx. Trent put in a great lead lap allowing me to put in my best chase of the day sticking to his tail like glue. Trent went onto to make a mistake following me sealing my fate and placing 3rd for the day.

Coincidence or not the series Leader Josh How went on to win on the day, also taking first in the series, Nathan Clark placing 2nd on the day and 2nd in Series. With myself 3rd on the day and 3rd in the Series! Thanks for your ongoing support and great products Penrite, allowing me to continue to drive hard with no mechanical failures due to the extreme reliability of your Oils!


Brodie Moore #86

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2017