Cody Burcher - Round 1 Update

Posted on: 13 Mar, 2018

Cody Burcher - Round 1 Update

This year I am racing the Victorian Formula Ford and hopefully a couple of National Series Rounds with Borland Racing Developments, factory Spectrum team.

It was my first meeting in cars Since my step up from Go Karts last year and started it off with racing at a track I had not seen till Friday Morning.

Over the entirety of the day I only got 20 laps because of a red flag situation and a mechanical problem.

Saturday started off with Qualifying which I finished 11th out of 16 Duratec cars.

Race 1

Got off to an average start with too much wheel spin but over the first lap fell back 1 spot over the race made my way up to 9th but had to avoid another drivers mistake last corner last lap and went back too 10th over the finish line.

Race 2

Started off with a good start making up 2 positions off the line into the first corner but going up the back straight the steering went left hand down which resulted with me having to pull into pitlane. After I pulled in we found the bolt for the Front left lower control arm had broke resulting in the steering going left hand down. (dnf)

Race 3

Got off the line well but got stuck on the outside and couldn’t get to the inside so fell back to 16th. During the entirety of the race I made my way back up to 9th passing 7 cars and having the pace to finish 5th Including the current national driver that were in the field.

Overall, I am very happy with how my first Car race went I now know where I am up too with the racing side of things and what I can work on. I feel the reason for me loosing positions on the first race was because Instead of trying to make up positions on the first lap I was just trying to maintain my position. Another thing I can work on is, 1 lap pace in qualifying.

We came out of the weekend with all four corners on the car and not Damage so that is a very good bonus for the weekend.

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