Jesse Dobson returns to National Competition!

Championship winning motocross and supercross team support Jesse Dobson in his return to national competition in Australia.

Jesse will compete on a 2017 Honda CRF450R with Penrite and Honda backing this weekend. The youngster from the Sunshine Coast is excited to be racing again -

"I can't wait to race again; I raced the New Zealand Championship with Honda's national factory team and trained with Ben Townley.  I learnt so much over there and am excited to return to competition on one of my favourite tracks"

Whilst Dobson is confirmed to be racing fulltime for Supercross he is not dismissing the possibility of doing more national motocross rounds -

"There is nothing that compares to racing and depending on many things I could potentially race one or two more rounds before the championship is over. I am also looking forward to racing Hattah for the first time".

The team, Jesse and their respective sponsors have no unrealistic expectations ahead of round 3 of the MX Nationals -

"I have been in constant contact with the team  and we have done minimal testing. We have built one bike for racing with minor changes to the engine and suspension.  I must admit the new Honda is pretty awesome standard so we haven't had to do a lot to it to make it competitive.  When It comes to racing I am the one that's placing pressure on myself to do well because it's a track I really like".

Posted on: 5 May, 2017