Quality rings true - Bathurst 1000 winning products

Without doubt, Bathurst is the most iconic Australian car race. This is where legends are born. This is the race that appears on most race fanatics “bucket list”. This is the pinnacle of Australian motoring racing.

The 2017 race didn’t disappoint. With challenging conditions, cars and drivers alike were tested to the limits. However, 2017 was very different. The winning team wasn’t one of the major factory backed teams. Erebus Motorsport, privately owned by Betty Klemenko, writes itself into the record books by being the first female owned and managed team to win this iconic race.  Driven by passion, Betty treats every member of her team like a family member. Erebus drivers - David Reynolds, and co-driver Luke Youldon came together for that race and focused on one thing; The Win.

Erebus sponsor since 2015, Penrite Oil, is the big surprise found “at the pointy end’ of Australia’s “Great Race”. An Australian owned and family run business, very much like Erebus, Penrite is punching well above its weight and showing why its earned its position as Australia’s No. 1 Premium Performance oil brand.  Every product used by the Erebus Team, from the engine to the radiator, to the brakes to the steering mechanism, is a standard product line, available from your favourite automotive retail store. Penrite users are used to this type of quality, which is why Penrite is the preferred brand of more consumers than any other oil brand sold.

Erebus Team Manager Barry Ryan, worked extensively with Penrite’s Technical Manager, Brendan Hughes , to select the correct product to provide superior performance, under extreme conditions.

Barry says “Erebus have been using Penrite’s racing range across all of our cars since our initial Bathurst partnering in 2015. We are currently running Penrite 10 tenths Racing 5 (5w-30) in our supercars . We believe the combination of quality Australian owned and made products for Australian conditions and Penrite’s constant developments is a crucial piece to the teams great success”

Erebus exclusively use:

Engine Oil - 10 Tenths Racing 5  5W-30

Transaxle - Pro Gear 75W-90

Coolant - 10 Tenths Race Coolant Inhibitor

Brake Fluid - 10 Tenths Racing Brake Fluid

Hydraulics - Indus HV 46 - On board Car lift Jacks

Power Steering - HPSO

Erebus also use P26, Moly Grease, High Temp Bearing Grease, Brake & Parts Cleaner, Solvent Degreaser plus other sundry products.

Toby Dymond, Penrite General Manager; Sales & Marketing says, “Winning such a challenging race proves the quality of the Penrite product. We are so proud of this achievement and delighted Penrite is etched in the history books as winner of Bathurst, 2017”

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Original Article appeared in Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine, November 2017 edition.

Posted on: 12 Jan, 2018