Vinduro Penrite Team Event Report – VERi Harrow Vinduro 2018

Posted on: 6 Aug, 2018

Vinduro Penrite Team Event Report – VERi Harrow Vinduro 2018

Harrow Vinduro is the big one. The top Vinduro event in the southern hemisphere. Almost 220 entries this year made the 10th Harrow Vinduro the biggest yet. Mark and his teams have represented Penrite at them all and so he sent VERi a report which they published in the 42 page full colour souvenir booklet.

 VPT regulars Mark, Phill and David were joined by Sarah on Mark’s IT125. Mark’s IT200 had further preparation performed since Bulahdelah and was looking pretty good. Harrow had seen some rain the week before and so water was the theme of the weekend like in many Harrows past.

Saturday was a short loop ending at Lauchie’s mx track where we put in a few laps. But Phill’s Suzuki stopped! A quick strip of the carby and check and reseat some electrical connectors and it was all good. Must have been a bit of water in a connector. Sarah had been hoping to have her IT200 for this event and so took both David’s and Mark’s IT200s for some laps as well as Phill’s TS250X. The verdict was that she loves the IT125 and so we are on the look out for an IT125 that she can call her own. The Saturday night dinner was jovial as usual and over $6000 was raised at the charity auction.

Sunday saw the course shortened to about 120km and only one lap. This was for the best as too much water and over 200 bikes would have seen the difficult parts of the course become impassable. But fortunately our ‘favourite’ gully crossing was still there. When Phill and Sarah arrived there were about ten riders psyching themselves up for the challenge with a couple already stuck. Phill was very pleased when he blasted past them and aced it. Sarah just went in and with a bit of effort got through. Mark and David were along a bit later after being delayed by repairs to David’s bike after he hit a log. Mark flung the bike as it was looping so that it stayed on the other side. David also looped but he and the bike ended back down in the mud.

The toll bridge at the checkpoint was much appreciated as the exit to it sent us through water nearly half a meter deep. We wouldn’t have wanted to go through the deeper part! Other than an occasional screaming speedo, Mark’s IT200 had been perfect and he was very pleased with it. Until it wouldn’t start after the fuel stop. It was raining and the wind was howling. The popular places were the food tent and the covered fire. David went on ahead as the others were long gone. Mark had the 200 apart but it never came back to life. The water had done it’s worst.

A hasty plan was hatched when Phill and Sarah came back through for the second fuel stop. Sarah would bring the IT125 back for Mark to complete the course on once she had finished. Unfortunately the event ended with the traditional crossing of the Glenelge river. Over half a meter deep in places with boulders in the bottom out of sight. Phill successfully attacked the crossing with a big rooster tail of water. But Sarah went over and submerged the bike. She picked it up and pushed it the rest of the way through and to the finish. Phill took his bike to Mark who completed the course on it. David and Mark both handled the crossing well. All of us got Gold!      

Thanks to Penrite, VERi, Tony and Merrin and the people of Harrow.       

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