Vinduro Penrite Team prepares for Harrow

Vinduro Penrite Team are busily preparing for the VERi Harrow Vinduro in a weeks time.

We will be the first to start at 9:00 am on Sunday and Sarah will have the number 1 Harrow plate after her “Iron Man” performance at the VTR Eugowra Vinduro. 

At Harrow last year the team was representing the ACT and we won the Harow Interstate callenge. This year we are also the ACT State team.

Due to work commitments, Phill will not be able to attend but he has been putting in a huge effort to prepare the team for Harrow and we are all exxtremely gratefull.

The Vinduro Penrite Team has often introduced new Team members to Vinduro at Harrow and this year we welcome Steven Miller who will be riding Phill’s 1984 Suzuki TS250X.

Regular team member David Boddy will be riding his 1984 Yamaha IT200. Team Leader Mark Boddy is back on his 1979 Yamaha IT175F as he is letting Sarah “Iron Maiden” Roberts ride his 1980 Yamaha IT125G.

The photo was taken at Bike Night this week as we prepare the bikes for Harrow. It shows most of the Penrite products that we use except the Copper and Marine greese which are just out of sight. 

We are all very appreciative of the continuing support for us and the sport from Penrite.

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Posted on: 21 Jul, 2017