Vinduro Penrite Team - VERi Bonnie Doon Vinduro 2017 - Event Report

The Bonnie Doon Vinduro was held at the recently reopened Starglen property. VERi put on an excellent event as usual and as a bonus the accommodation was included in the low $60 entry fee. The large camp fire near the cabins was popular in the cold evening after our $20 steak meal in Starglen Lodge. Scrutineering was held in the Parc Ferme in the morning in a fresh misty atmosphere. 

Mark, Phill and David were first up to the start. But Mark split the kick start boss open on his first kick of the Yamaha IT125. It appears that he has developed a bad habit due to kick starting the high compression IT400 dirt tracker, as he did the same to the IT175 last year at Beaufort Vinduro. The bike was push started and so it would only be a problem if it stalled or he crashed. Unfortunately, there were some tricky steep hills on the course and he did stall the little 125 a few times and the greasy tree roots in the tight single track caused all of us to crash on a number of occasions. This, plus time lost while attempting to bodge the kick starter, resulted in Mark only completing four laps of the 17.5km circuit.

David was flying on the IT200 and was the only one of us to achieve our goal of six laps, which was a great effort.   

Phill nursed the Suzuki TS250X around for one lap. After a short while it was revving too high on a closed throttle and no amount of adjustments could resolve it. This appeared to be an air leak, which can be fatal to a two stroke and so, with no obvious leak, the bike was retired for the day. Later in the workshop we found that the hard anodising on the carburettor slide had worn through causing rapid slide wear which allowed extra air around the slide. A newer one has now been fitted.

Again, VERi should be congratulated for a great course and event. It is easy to see why Vinduro continues to grow with both VERi in Victoria and VTR in NSW consistently putting on fabulous events for us.

Our next event is the VTR Bulahdelah Vinduro. David is unable to attend and Sarah’s IT200 is still being prepared for Harrow. So Mark will be back on the IT175F and Sarah will ride the IT125G again. Phill’s TS250X is all good now.

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Posted on: 14 Jun, 2017