Vinduro Penrite Team VTR Braidwood Vinduro 2017 Event Report

Around 150 riders took part in the Vintage Trail Riders Braidwood Vinduro on the weekend of 23/24 September. At this event, Vinduro Penrite Team was represented by Phill on his Suzuki TS 250X, David on his freshly rebuilt Yamaha IT200, and Tim swapping between his Honda XR200 and Yamaha IT200. Mark and Sarah were unable to attend. The VTR Braidwood Vinduro is the final NSW-based event on the VPT calendar, with only Tallarook (Vic) late in October remaining for the team.


As with the event last year, the course was made up of two loops; The northern “A” loop covering 11km and the southern “B” loop covering 15km. Both loops joined the main fire trail for the final 2km back to parc ferme. The “A” loop provided several of opportunities to use all the gears in the gearbox while crossing short grassy slopes. All of the creek crossings from last year were used again, but instead of boggy mud and stuck bikes, this year had dust as the biggest challenge.

The “B” loop traversed slightly more technically challenging terrain, with a small bridge to cross the steep sided creek, and plenty of off camber corners and hill climbs.


David and Tim achieved the goals, however a rear flat on the 3rd loop prevented Phill from achieving his.


‘Though VPT could only make a day trip, there are reports camping area was alive with tall tales and true, and bench racing well into the night. 


Our thanks go to Dennis and Greg for their organizational skills, to the few who marked out the course, erected the portable showers, and gave valued assistance to VTR in running such a successful event. We look forward to attending more VTR events in 2018.


Vinduro Penrite Team also thank our major sponsor Penrite Oil for their continued support.

Posted on: 26 Sep, 2017