Those Car Dudes

Some dudes from New Zealand , doing stuff with cars and having a laugh !

2016, New Zealand

Those Car Dudes is a Automotive Youtube channel based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Those Car Dudes is run by two friends Nathan and JD (Juan-dre) who have a passion for working on cars at their homes with their friends. The idea behind the channel was to inject a dose of light hearted fun into automotive culture while also showing people how to do different jobs on cars. At Those Car Dudes we have a passion for anything to do with cars. We are not exclusive to one particular type of motorsport or automobile, and we enjoy the DIY/grassroots spirit behind whatever we are working on.

One of our goals at Those Car Dudes is to almost 'hang out' with our viewers, so this is why our episodes are not scripted and we have a lot of genuine laughs. Our goal is for our viewers to enjoy the fun and light hearted spirit of Those Car Dudes, but to also enjoy the same passion in cars that has brought us all together.

The cars we are working on in the videos at the moment are the following: 1997 BMW 328i E36 (Manual) 1989 BMW 325i E30 (Manual) - Nathan's main Project 1991 Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32 (Manual) - JD's main Project 1997 BMW 328i E36 (Automatic) 1989 Mazda 323 (Manual) 1997 238i E36 (Our close friend Brad who's Track Car we have been making videos on)


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