MC Towing RX7


2153, Australia

MC Towing Rx7 Is built, tuned and raced by Matt Cole.

"I have grown up with motorsport and particularly Rotary engines. They demand high quality lubricants and that is why I use Penrite and have chossen to promote and prove to the general public that rotary engines are able to make huge power reliably" ." mine currently 680rwhp and has raced for 2 years without the need for an engine refresh".

"My RX-7 is competitive in rallysprint , coming 1st in class and 2nd outright last season. Time attack,  coming 7th in class with just 1.3sec seperating the top 10. Hill climbs, coming 1st in class and 2nd outright last two day bathurst event entered. Super sprints regualy coming 1st outright. Recently we attended Challenge Bathurst where the car was put through 8x 20min sessions with out having to do an oil change". 


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