Dreyer Motorsport

Dreyer Motorsport Bluebird on song

3199, Australia

John started drifting in 2007 and competing in 2008 in a Turbo LPG 4ltr XF Ute. Although the vehicle choice was a little unorthodox, it did the job well. After continuos development, it proved to be quite competitive at a state and national level. John competed in Tasmania, Adelaide & Sydney, as well as in the Victorian Series with numerous podiums along the way.

After a move to drift crazy Brisbane in 2010, John enjoyed the frequent practice/fun drift days but didn't focus on competition in Australia very much. Preferring to compete in the G1GP at Ebisu Circuit in Japan, along with the Drift Matsuri's in the R32 "Police Missile".
It wasn't long after returning from Japan that the Ute was replaced by a Toyota Cressida with 1jz power. This followed by a 1ggte Corona battle car while he built the LS1 powered S13 Silvia and returned to Melbourne in 2012.

John competed in several local comps in 2012/13 using the LS1via including ADGP. Mid 2013 the LS1via was retired from drifting after a close encounter with a Calder Park wall. A few months later the Bluebird was acquired and the SR20 conversion commenced. 

Dreyer Motorsport is competing in the 2018 Vicdrift Championship Series. 
Driving the SR20 powered Nissan Bluebird is John Dreyer backed by Penrite

Team Awards

2nd - Vic Drift 2009

3rd - ADGP 2012

5th- VIcdrift 2016

3rd - Vicdrift 2017



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