Racing Peugeot Australia

#Peugeot #Penrite #MRA

2130, Australia

Hobby Racers with a Peugeot 205s. We are the only ones crazy enough to race anything FRENCH ! The fastest Peugeot in Australia continues to impress by winning events that it should not be. The little Peugeot 205, a cult classic, shows how good they were in their era and also to today can compete against million dollar teams and win. With over 3000 followers around the world on Facebook, the development of this car has been shared with Peugeot enthusiast around the world.

2017 Highlights 

2017 MRA U2L Champions

2017 2nd Overall MRA

2017 2nd Winton 300 Overall

2017 1st in class Winton 300



No Events!

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