JRC Motorsport

2018 Victoria Rally Championship

3441, Australia

JRC Motorsport is a small rally team based out of Mt Macedon, Victoria and will be competing in the 2018 Victoria Rally Championship (VRC).

The team consists of myself, Ryan Clinnick (Driver), Daniel Brkic (Co-Driver) & Simon Moore (Service Crew). 

Our WRX was purchased in September 2017 so we've only done 2 events in it so far but have already achieved 2nd and 4th outright in those events and we believe we can be on the podium in 2018.

The 2018 VRC is 7 rounds including 1 round in Bateman's Bay, NSW in August as well as competing alongside the Australian Rally Championship in Ballarat in March.

Having myself and our team as a Penrite Brand Ambassador will provide a unique opportunity to promote the Penrite products in one of the tougest motorsports around. We've used Penrite products extensively in the past and personally love them.

We have the experience with word of mouth, online and at-event promotion to make our partnership a success for both of us.



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