Brendon Greaves

Brendon Greaves

Drift Team

6122, Australia

We are a Drift team from Western Australia competing nationally and internationally in drifting. We have several competition cars all LS based s15s and an LS based M3

We’ve been running Penrite oils for the last few years in all our Drift cars with great success. We attend anything from Drift events to drag events or even just static displays. The cars are well known around Australia in the drifting scene. We plan on getting out in Australia even more next year with our newest build an LS based BMW M3 prior to sending it to the US for a few rounds of Formula Drift PRO series and whilst the M3 is in the US we will be using our backup competition car which is a turbocharged LS s15 to continue attending events in Australia. We are a very professional team and our cars are always presented well as are our team in matching team shirts. We live and breathe motorsport


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