Burnout Car

2615, Australia

My Name is Nathan Sutherland and I am the Owner / Driver of KILLASET VK, Blown Alcohol V8 Burnout car. I have owned this car for just over 5 years and have built this car, including the engine myself in my own garage, with the exception of the rear Tubs and Seating area. I enjoy the build and maintenance of my own motorsport vehicle because it keeps my mind actively challenged and I feel a big sense of pride when I am successful on the track.

Since entering the burnout scene late 2012 I have been a successful competitor at various competitions, my first achievement was Summernats 2013, my first major competition, I was the only naturally aspirated car in the top 10. At this stage my car was unnamed, Entrant 144. Shortly after Summernats 2013 My VK became KILLASET. From there I have placed top 5 at Sydney Dragway’s Good Fryday event, Gazzanats Bairnsdale Victoria, Gazzanats Portland Victoria, NSW Pro Burnouts in Dubbo, Burnout Outlaws. I have even competed at Perth Motorplex (Burnout Blitz) unfortunately I had a mechanical failure there, a variety of small town events such as Winning Burnout Warriors at Wakefield Park in NSW and Roxby Downs (SA) to more recently finding myself in the Summernats National Burnout Masters 2017.

My car is a 1984 Holden Commodore VK. The engine bay consists of a 383 cubic inch LS based engine with a billet BDS 8/71 supercharger on top fed by 2 Quickfuel Methanol Carburettors, this setup is happily making 945 horsepower at the wheels on only 10psi boost.

The rear end of the car has been tubbed to accommodate some 18 inch wide tyres and prevent paint damage during burnout competition, The car is painted Hothouse Green in Debeer 2pak paint and in side is a complete velour trimmed interior with a custom made dash, door cards, roof and rear seat section


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