Mojo MotorSports

Burnout Car

3305, Australia

Mojo MotorSports 

The six month build of MOJO

MOJO was purchased as a garden ornament for $100, a few beers later the plans changed and was going to be a burnout car with an LS1 squeezed into the smallest engine bay around.

The ground up restoration was done in the shed at home, from the fabrication to the paint to the upholstery, all by Tim himself.
With very limited tools and equipment it gave an all new meaning to manual labour as the car was rolled from side to side by hand so the fabrication could be completed.

The paint scheme was different to say the least, people either love it or hate it but either way it's different and catches people's eyes. The inside is the original Austin A50 interior that was in it, it just got a little TLC and slightly cut down to mould around the tubs. The hood lining is even original, a little torn and tattered at that.

Six months of long days and nights, blood, sweat and tears and MOJO was complete and on target for its unveiling at Tread Cemetery at Lardner Park in November 2016.



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