CTM Cabinets Motorsport

Jayden Manteufel driving the #5 Holden HQ in the HQRAQ Championship.

4341, Australia

Jayden Manteufel, a 20 year old apprentice mechanic currently competing in the HQRAQ Championship. Driving the #5 Holden HQ in 2017, I have won the Rookie of the Year championship aswell as finishing 6th overall in the championship. Already with my sponsors from a strong rookie season, coming onboard with myself and the CTM Cabinets Motorsport we look to build on from a strong rookie year to fight for the 2018 champioship as well as sourcing wildcard drives in various other catergories in Queensland motorsport. Based out of Blenheim, Queensland, my father and I take inspiration from the Erebus Motorsport team, a team on a small budget but doesn't let that stand in their way in their attempt to be number 1. 


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