Jenna Patan

Jenna Patan

1988 BMW E30 325i

3910, Australia

I have always loved cars but never found an avenue to explore Motorsport beyond being a spectator at the F1 and the V8's until I joined the BMW Car Club of Victoria's Committee back in 2008. I spent my time in many different roles including events, merchandise and as editor and I spent my last two years as President before stepping down in 2015. The club ran different level Driver Training programs and had a brilliant sprint series - whilst the driver training days were good fun, there was something not so fun about risking the daily driver as the need for speed was growing more and more.

Prior to Christmas 2014 I found myself a 4 door e30 325i (what most competitors use in the BMW e30 Racing series, although a 2 door is more favourable for the weight). Over Christmas the car had its guts ripped out and it was transformed and ready for its first club sprint at Sydney Motorsport Park in 2015. From there I didn't look back - there was no stopping me! So in 2016 we put a roll cage in the car and I was off - I finished the year winning the BMW Car Club Sprint Championship and passed my OLT at Sandown so I could join the BMW e30 Racing series as a competitor in 2017.

2017 started with a bang when Penrite picked me up as an ambassador and I dragged along (lets me honest, I begged) another newbie to the e30 Racing Series. The "girls team" ended up coming 7th out of 13 in the Round 1 e30 Racing series Enduro at Winton - not a bad effort given it was our first competitive round! The BMWCCV Sprint season also included a wet hill climb and some great tracks and Team BM came 8th in the AROCA 12 Hour at Winton too.

I love cars, I love car clubs and I love the racing series. Whilst there aren't many females involved on a competitive level, I am so passionate about breaking the stigma that it's a boys club and I get so excited when new people experience track days and get involved - sometimes you have no idea what is even out there, so I've been very vocal about come and try days and giving people a bit of confidence to hit the track and give it a go. 


2017 - Awarded BMW Car Club of Victoria Life Membership for services to the club and the marque
2017 - Team BM finished 8th overall in the AROCA 12 Hour at Winton
2017 - Finished 6th out of 13 in the e30 Racing Round 1 Winton Enduro
2017 - Penrite Ambassador (Cars)
2016 - 1st place overall BMW Car Club of Victoria Sprint Champion
2016 - 1st place ladies category BMW Car Club of Victoria Sprint Championship
2016 - OLT Completed at Sandown (no more excuses!)
2015 - 3rd place overall BMW Car Club of Victoria Sprint Championship
2015 - Team e30 finished 3rd overall in the AROCA 10 Hour at Winton (my first trophy!)


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