Jesse Greenslade Drift

Jesse Greenslade Drift

Drift Team - NZ

0632, New Zealand

I have always had a passion for cars and pushing them to there limits. My first car being when I was 14 years old.
That lead to many wrx and evos in my early 20's which then took me to go-karting. I have always had a knack for driving and within my first day of go karting my lap times where 0.7 second slower than the fastest laps ever recorded at the mount wellington outdoor track. I then came into drifting about 5-6 years ago. Again within 3 tracks days I took like a duck to water . Please note I was still very much a beginner at this stage and I used this car for fun and would just go to open track days. Then after going to a few Taupo events and drifting with some of the D1NZ boys, people kept mentioning that I need to enter D1. I then set out to build the ultimate drift car, a car that I could be proud of and most importantly a car that could compete at any level in any country.

I then spent the next 9 months building the perfect drift machine with no expense spared.
A S15 rolling body was purchased and the work began for us. The research and  development that went into this car was immense.
The car runs a fully forged RB30 block which has been skimmed to make it a high compression motor with RB26 head. Our Head has been port and polished running big cams. Due to the nature of RB30 and there breathing issues we run a ross dry sump kit. Hyper tune intake, borg warner turbo cant think of exhaust manifold at this time but it is a twin scroll for better pick up. When we built this car we wanted to get the weight distribution as close to 50/50 as possible. We have put the radiator in the boot which also keeps the engine bay cooler and more room in there. Because of this we achieved a 53/47 weight distribution. The car runs wise fab steering set up and all new custom rear arms as well. We have just put a winters quick change diff in the rear which allow us to change ratios in about 10mins so depending on the track if its a tight small track or a big flow track we can adapt quickly to the conditions. There is allot more that has been done to the car but to finish it off we put a Rocket bunny kit on and painted the car in China Grey which is an aston martin colour.

The end result we produced a car that is making 585RWKW which is almost 800HP atw and making over 1000NM of torque.
The car is a dream to drive however I am still getting use to the car. I have only driven the car twice and then I had to compete in the first round of D1NZ

Before the first round of D1NZ I said to myself and my team that I want to make big waves in this sport. I had high expectations of myself, I was confident in my ability and I had a weapon of a car to compete in. Unfortunately  I was not allowed to enter into the pro category until I did a season of pro sport to show I could drive.  After my first event there were allot of people coming up to the car in the pits to check it out. I have had pro drivers messaging  praising the car and my driving. In my first event I qualified in the top 16 at 7th place. The Next day we went into battles. Unfortunately in my last battle the selector in my gear box blew as I took off the line and that ended our day, which put me in overall 4th place.
All in all we were very happy. First event ever, third time driving the car and we placed 4th because of a gearbox.

I plan to be in pro next year and up with the big boys. I have used penrite from the day I started drifting 6 years ago. Its never let me down and it is the only oil I have ever used in my drift car. I was excited with the opportunity of Penrite coming on board because its an oil I know, trust and use.


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