Peter Pham

Penrite Drifting Brand Ambassador

Drift Cadet

Melbourne Drift School

3032, Australia

Melbourne based Drift School & Motorsport Events.

Drift Cadet was established to create a safe environment where drivers can learn the techniques of car control / skid control.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced circuit racer, we believe our programs will be beneficial to all, as you will be able to remain calm and in control of your vehicle once it starts sliding.

We've designed our programs to benefit every individual where you learn at your own pace. We provide you with a professional instructor, a modified racecar and a wet skid pan where you can progress through the techniques at your own pace.Work your way through our programs to where you can comfortably slide a vehicle on a open race track!

Our Drift Cars

We choose to use the award winning, light weight and well balanced Toyota 86. Our 86s are modified to be able to drive easily.

​Our Instructors

Our instructors are some of the best drifters in Australia. Competing in both Australia and Japan with a tonne of knowledge in car control.




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