Trenna Mann Racing

Trenna Mann Racing

Go kart Racing Team

6163, Australia

Hello my name is Trenna Mann and I live in Perth, Western Australia, I am just about to turn 13 and I have been racing Go karts since I was 11 years old. My Dad got me into it after we went and had a drive in hire Karts and I was instantly hooked and absolutley love racing. My whole family travels to kart meets and gets behind my racing. We race all over Western Australia. Dad has me racing or practicing basicly every weekend, to achieve the perfect lap time. (I really want to be a supercar driver when i'm older)

I am moving up a class this year to KA3 Junior Performance and I am very excited for this challenge.


  • Western Cup Round 3 - 19-05-2018 to 20-05-2018
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