Afterburner Racing

Afterburner Racing

Life begins at 200mph

, New Zealand

Engineer by trade Ian Wilkins who races AA Drag Bike across New Zealand .

Now into his 50’s Ian has been riding since he was 14 years old and drag racing high powered bikes for the past 17 years .

Currently riding a custom drag bike powered by a Kawasaki late 1970’s bottom end with a roller bearing crankshaft , custom 3 speed transmission with a wet clutch , methanol efi , 30/40 Garrett ceramic turbo running 60 pound of boost.

Curently NZ’s fastest non nitro Dragbike, with multiple track records & national records to the teams credit they are targeting the first six second non nitro drag bike quarter mile in NZ. With a best elapsed time of 7.26 seconds & 186mph (297.6kmh) so far they are almost there.

Transmission problems had plagued the teams earlier attempts  for a couple of seasons but we’ve identified the problem and machining up the parts right now to upgrade the engine cases with stronger support in the area that’s been failing and with support from Penrite technical team as part of the Penrite Brand Ambassador program we have now got the right Penrite products to support our attempts .


Ian is not only the pilot of this very fast drag bike but also hands on with the building and maintaining it along with some help from a couple of mates Roger and Bruce both well respected engineers and bike builders in their own right along with Penrite are

An unfortunate incident occurred that’s delayed they start to the current race season which started in October. The Afterburner workshop was broken into unfortunately tools & spare bike parts were stolen, fortunately the bike was left alone in the robbery.

No matter you can’t keep this determined team down , they had aimed to have  the bike ready for competition at Meremere Dragway on Feb 3rd 2018 for the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funnycar meeting . The meeting was rained out , which was helpful and allowed the team to do a full engine and chassis rebuild The bike will now return to the track on 25th February  at Meremere Dragway competing in competition bike the top bike category


  • CRC Speedshow Auckland NZ - 21-07-2018 to 22-07-2018
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