Aaron Oliver Racing

Why I'm here - To race and win with Penrite #70

5253, Australia

Aaron James Oliver

Born: 24/03/05 - 12 Years Old

Height: 1680mm - 5 Ft 6 Inches

Weight: 60Kgs

Schooling: Braeview Primary School, Happy Valley, SA - Year 7

Sports: Football - Under 12's Gold @ Happy Valley Football Club

Position: Ruck changing to centre half forward or centre half back.

Bitumen Go Kart Racing - Two Classes, KA stands for "Karting Australia"

KA4 Junior Heavy and KA3 Junior - High Performance Class

Go Kart Brand: Tony Kart

Dirt Circuit Race Car: Mitsubishi Magna V6 3 litre 5 Speed manual.

Racing Number: 70

Relaxes doing: Trail Bike Riding and Scootering.

Favourite V8 Supercar Drivers: David Reynolds - No: 9 and Craig Lowndes - No: 888

Favourite V8 Supercar Team / Owner- Erebus - Betty Klimenko

Favourite food is: Chicken Parmigiana.


I have always had an interest with cars, my first being a electric car when I was about 4yrs old, I would drive this around my backyard chasing my sister, Mum and Dad. From this I moved onto other forms of electric cars and karts, my Dad modified my electric go kart, removing the electric motor and installing a chainsaw petrol engine, this was fun until I burnt out the clutch and tyres.

In April 2012, at 7 years of age, I was able to obtain a Karting Australia Kart race licence, as my Dad was working in Whyalla SA installing solar systems, I started my racing career at this track and it also just happens to be one of my favourite Australian tracks. The club just recently re-surfaced the whole track, now it is totally awesome to drive.

Since then, I have competed in over 100 official kart racing meets, throughout SA, VIC and NSW.

I currently drive in two Karting Australia classes, being KA4 Junior Heavy, using a "Exhaust Restricted" IAME 100cc electric start air cooled engine and the KA3 Junior "High Performance Class" using the same engine, but "Un-restricted" with the engine now producing 22HP, depending on the length of the track straight it propels my kart to over 100 KPH.

The last 12 months we have travelled around 15,000 KM's to carry out my passion, from places like Puckapunyal, Horsham, Portland, Mildura, all in Victoria to around SA, Whyalla, Mt Gambier, Barossa, Monarto.

My most memorable moments in my kart racing career have been winning the Whyalla City Titles for the last four years in a row, being Rookies, Cadet 12 - Twice and KA4 Junior Heavy.

Racing some of the Karting Australia National Series race meets with the best karters around, on some of the best tracks in Australia.

2017 Kart Racing:

This year we decided to race the "Victorian Country Series" in the KA4 Junior Heavy Class. This series is run over the whole year with racing conducted at six race tracks within Victoria, these are, Ballarat, Cobden, Portland, Horsham, Hamilton and the last round was at Warrnambool this October. I managed podium finishes in all these races, finishing the series with a very close second, just over one heat separated us in points, to Nathan Williams, a very experienced 15 year old driver from Victoria.

My last kart race this year was at Mount Gambier, the SA State Cup, a special event where the winners of each class are presented with a "Black Racing Plate" this allows the winner to race the 2018 Kart season with a special black background number plate.

I entered two race classes, KA4 Junior Heavy and KA3 Juniors. Again Nathan Williams was racing the same classes as me. This time, Dad and I was able to get everything together with me winning the KA4 Junior Heavy Class, black plate! and coming a close fourth behind Nathan in the KA3 Juniors class.

Local Sporting Champions Grant:

Earlier this year I was presented with a "Local Sporting Champions Grant" from Amanda Rishworth MP for recognition and assistance of my on-going kart racing in Victoria.

SA Sports Show:

Approximately three months ago I was invited to be interviewed by Phill and Poppy on the SA Sports Show Ch44.

My first time on television was a bit daunting, but awesome experience. Especially being an almost live interview with very little editing and approximately 10 mins pre-taping preparation.  As the interview progressed the guys made me feel very comfortable and I become a lot more comfortable.

A full copy of my interview can be seen at:



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