AWR Motorsports

AWR Motorsports

excel series

3134, Australia

AWR Motorsports is a motorsports team that has been running in Formula Vee and in the past two years the Hundai Excel Victorian race series We have been involved in Motorsports since 2004. We were proud Penrite Brand Amassadors in 2017 and enjoyed promoting and using such an iconic Australian Brand. We would love to continue to promote such a great company. We are proud to promote the fantastic penrite products in the motorsport circles. 

We have used Penrite products in our cars over the last two years and we really see the difference is makes protecting our engines and gears boxes.  

We had an up and down year in 2017 with some great highlights and some disapointing lows. Despite all this we still felt we promoted Penrite and its Products Successfully. We hope we converted some of our competitors to use the fantastic Penrite products.

We have some exciting changes comming in 2018 and with our new car we look fowrard to a successful year with the support of Penrite.  


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