Weston Racing

Top Alcohol Dragster

6125, Australia

With Richard and Elaine Weston being no strangers to the
race track over the 30 years they have been together, it
came as no surprise that their son Shane Weston was
born with a burning desire to drive these 3500
horsepower machines.

Shane’s junior racing career started at the young age of 8
years old, the minimum age requirement to drive a Junior
Dragster. From his first pass the desire blazed into an
uncontrollable passion.

With this first JD (Junior Dragster) he won the prestigious best
new vehicle award. He was the first junior dragster driver
ever to win this award in Westside Drag Racing
Association’s 30-year history. With a Western National
top qualifier position under his belt and final after final,
Shane made the decision to sell his Junior 2 years before
being able to race in the big league. This was his own
decision which allowed him to realign his focus; he began
crewing for a Top Alcohol Team learning the ins and outs
of what was yet to come. From all things mechanical to
understanding the mental drive required. Shane
developed the necessary skills to successfully campaign a
race vehicle of such calibre.


Before Shane even had a license to drive a road registered vehicle he was
ready to be in the seat - Top Alcohol the top of the game; but it wasn’t all
smooth sailing to get there. They say ‘the road to glory always comes at a
price’ and they weren’t wrong, the price to support Shane’s dream of
greatness was bordering figures that Richard and Elaine just didn’t have.
After saving every penny and cent from the junior dragster sale that dream
was still far from sight. Compromising was the only option and this meant
racing in a lesser class than Professional Group 1 which Weston’s hopes
were set on. Shane’s Nanny Davies was diagnosed with Breast Cancer,
shortly after the decision to race the modified bracket was confirmed. Not
seeing her only grandson reach his goals in her lifetime was not an option.
So by selling the family home the dream was about to become a reality and
Shane was bound to make his Nanny proud.
The transition from junior dragster straight to top alcohol is rarely heard of
but three Days after turning 17 the Weston Racing Driver become
Australia’s youngest professional Group 1 racer, Shane made his first side
by side pass against his childhood idol John Zappia 6-time National
Champion, with the under dog beating the champ to the line. The crowd
roared and continued to meet after meet, Podium finish after Podium finish
Weston soon become known as ‘Australia’s Fastest Teenager’ securing a
top qualifier position time after time. Travelling over East to race the fan
base built, although still to this day its Shane’s home track the Perth
Motorplex where he holds not only the Legal Track Record but Western
Australian Record with a 5.478second pass in March, 2015. This time is also
recognised on a National level as the fastest unofficial time ran in a Top
Alcohol Dragster, Western Australia only host’s two record setting meets a
year and Shane would have to match this time on the selected dates for
this astonishing time to be recognised. The date was set for June but then
something all racer’s fear eventuated, a month after the record setting
pass, the Weston Racing Dragster shot pass the finish line at 400km/h but
failed to stop, crashing into the sand trap and destroying Shane’s chances
of officialising his Title as Australia’s Fastest Top Alcohol Dragster..

Two years pass to the present, over this period a new chariot to Shane’s destiny has been Researched and Developed by renowned Dragster Builder Chip Nielsen across the Eastern Sea Board, in Bluffdale Utah. Nielsen is known for his World Record breaking cars with drivers taming his beasts in championships around the globe. As the new year, 2017 dawned so did the long-awaited completion of the New Dragster, arriving to Australia in April. In the 24 months out of the game Shane refused to become a stranger to the Drag Strip with the Weston Racing Team being present at every meet to support his fellow competitors and of course keeping them on their toes for his return.
Since the chassis arrived in April it has been a challenge to get the car ready in time for the 2017/2018 race season. Testing the whole team both mentally and physically. Being in the newly renovated workshop day in day out finalising the finished product, hasn’t come at a cheap price tag with unexpected costs arising. However ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and Weston Racing is now as strong as ever.


Message from Shane Weston
‘It’s now more than ever I appreciate this sport and how close it brings not only my immediate family but the friends and sponsors I have met along the way, that I am proud to now call my family.
2 years on since I have felt the rush created by a 3500 horsepowered beast the passion has not blurred, I am ready tackle this season with everything I have. There is a fire burning in my belly as I plan to do all that support me proud. I am confident that this car will not just be my ride returning to the start line but the start of what is yet to come for Weston Racing."


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