Wanted Racing Team

Wanted Racing Team

Power Boat Circuit Racing Team

4680, Australia

Presently Supported by;

 * Bundy Brakes & Automotive – Bundaberg – (assists with supply of Penrite oils & parts)

* CQ Diesel Fitting – Gladstone – (assists with tow vehicle services & repairs )


A Quick Run Down on Our Sport;

The basic principle is 3 laps of an oval like circuit starting with a flag boat on a rolling start with up to 8 boats in a heat, (speedway on water).

There are several classes from juniors through to open unlimited.

There are also various style of craft that compete from mono hulls, displacement hulls to hydro-planes

There is a class called 105. This class is unable to breach the 105mph speed & is based around an open deck hull

The vessels are reaching various speeds from Juniors – 46mph (74kph) to Open Unlimited – 150mph (241kph)


A bit about ourselves;

We are a Power Boat Circuit Racing Team based in Gladstone Central Queensland.

Our family have been involved with boats of some description the whole time either directly or indirectly. The core team consists of the following,

Anthony Brown – team manager (Dad)

Desley Hayward – team administrator & photographer (Mum)

Laith Brown – driver of Convict (open unlimited class) – Blown Alcohol Displacement Capsulated Hull

Beau Brown – driver of Bushranger (105 mph class ) – 105mph Open Deck Displacement Hull


Driver Achievements;

Laith Brown

Age - 20

Trade Qualified Diesel Fitter @ CQ Diesel Fitting

Class Open Unlimited

 Main Engine - 380cu/in Chev with mechanical injection & 671 BDS Supercharger(1400hp)

Spare Engine - 380cu/in Buick with mechanical injection & 671 BDS Supercharger(1100hp)

Driving a 18.6ft Childs Play Shallow V Hull


We started off as avid spectators & then became competitively involved after purchasing the J3 class boat of which Laith began driving.

After successfully competing in this class there was an undying passion that began to build that both boys have now which has seen them grow in the sport achieving their goals & milestones they set.

Laith’s biggest achievements in the J3 class was placing 1st at the Lockyer Powerfest (Laidley) 2011, 2nd at the Bundy Thunder Spectacular (Bundaberg) 2011, Winning the overall Bundaberg series in 2013, & had finished 3rd in the Australian Formula Grand Prix (AFGP) series in 2013.

Laith then stepped into the 6lt pro-stock which was a restricted class on engine configuration. He was very successful in his first year reaching podium finishes at all meets but due to engine failures we decided to go a further level 105mph class. We also began to build & maintain our own engines.

2016 January first meeting with the new combination & we were running as a support class to the "Aussie/ USA Blown Alcohol Challenge" of which was a 2 round series at Windsor (NSW) & Berri (SA). Laith finished 6th out of 20 boats over all.

Consistently finishing on the podium in the Bundaberg series & placing 3rd in the invitational King of the River 2017


Beau Brown

Age - 16

Apprentice Mechanic @ Coombs Mechanical Repairs a long term Penrite Oil provider in Gladstone

Class 105mph

366cu/in Chev (600hp)

Driving a 17.5ft Banister Racing Hull


First started driving in 2014, taking over from where his brother left off driving in the J3 class

Placing 2nd at the Lockyer Powerfest (Laidley) 2015, Finishing 9th in the Australian Formula Grand Prix (AFGP) series in 2015 & consistently placing on the podium during the Bundaberg series 2015 & 2016.

2017 saw Beau crossing the line in 1st, 2nd & 2 x 3rd s but not being able to complete the year as he grow out of his Junior boat.


Teams Future Movements;


The team have recently gone into a new direction as Laith’s next season will be bringing new learning’s & excitement while expanding his driver experience as we have recently purchased a Blown Alcohol Displacement or (BAD Boat) and Beau will be moving into the 105mhp class, a big step up from the 15hp junior boat. This will be a challenging move for both boys who are wishing to make their mark on both of their relative classes. The Boys are keeping the names of their craft as they are well identified with in the sport, (Laith – CONVICT 39, Beau – BUSHRANGER 40).


Current Status;

This boat has been completely refurbished with new design to the underside to promote better handling & turning. A complete new colour scheme as well which is still to be unveiled very soon. I don’t have any completed photos of the boat’s new look as yet as we are waiting on the completion of the decals which are to be completed in the beginning of January. The 105 Banister completed its last race on the 2nd of December & is also now under taking a design change to be completed mid-January. Once they have been completed there will be a photo shoot and video footage that will be uploaded to n the Team's new Artillery for coming years.

We as a team are a complete package from engine builds & maintenance to hull redesign & repairs. We do however outsource any lathe machine work with our local tradesman. Also we seek assistance with potential engine combinations from a reputable engine tech on the Gold Coast.



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