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Proworx Racing / Blayney Motorcycles

Motorcycle Racing Team

2799, Australia

Blayney Motorcycles was formed in 2014 as Westwinds Motorcycle and Mower Service. The very first company to come on-board as a supplier to my business was Penrite and I have continued to use, sell and promote their products every day since. The business transitioned into Blayney Motorcycles in 2016 when the workshop was opened in Blayney. Since opening I have improved the business through re-investing profits into stock and I carry a wide range of Penrite motorcycle products for sale to my customers.

In 2018 I have agreed to support the PROWORX Racing team in the ASBK and FX Superbike series. T I am currently refreshing one of their bikes for the new season, including a full engine rebuild and want to start it off right with Penrite's 10W40 full ester oil.

PROWORX Racing has been competing in the ASBK and the FX Superbike Series for several years, with some top 5 results in the classes in which they compete. Their best results have included winning the Women's class in the FX Superbike 300 Supersport in 2015 and second place in the 2017 FX Superbikes Nakedbike class.

Blayney Motorcycles is supporting the PROWORX Racing team in 2018 which will be competing in the ASBK 300 Supersport and also the FX Superbikes 300 Supersport classes.



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