B.B. Land Speed Racing Team

B B Racing - Land Speed

5360, Australia

We are a land speed racing team based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia who compete in the annual DLRA Speed Week held each year up at Lake Gairdner in the outback of South Australia.

Team owner and driver, Tony Cooke is a long time member of the DLRA and is a former chief timekeeper of the club. 

The engine is a 1955 orininally a poly block Hemi built to 301cubic inch to meet Class D regulations running on methanol.

Update 2018 Speed Week

“We have just returned from Lake Gairdner where we have had our best Speed Week since the debut of our Lakester.

Already holding the D/Fuel Lakester record of 180.605 MPH set last year, we upgraded our fuel system to run injected methanol for this year’s event and on our first shake down pass upped the record to 196.764 MPH!

On our 3rd pass we ran through the 6 mile timing traps at 201.816 MPH (324.79 KPH), however this speed was not formally recognised as a class record which need to be done over 5 miles.

Changes to our final gear ratio and a quick oil change of our Penrite HPR 30 engine oil resulted in a top speed




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