Wojciech "PUMBA" Janicki

Wojciech "PUMBA" Janicki

Poland race team

48, Poland

Dear Sirs,

My name is Wojciech Janicki , my race nick "PUMBA"

We invite you to look at the cooperation offer to promote your company and products through supporting our team in the forthcoming season during of Polish hill climbing championship 2018.

We would like to race for the Polish Championship in the national A/PL group and in the historical class. The car BMW E36 M3 will be our race ‘weapon’ .

The characteristics of Polish hill climbing championship:

During this race, the lay of the land and route from the start to the hill top are the key factors.  

The race stages are called ‘laps’ and there are always four laps during one round.

Two first laps are the training laps and following two laps are called race laps and race laps are scored.

Season 2018 will have 14 rounds during 7 race weekends.

Two rounds will take place abroad and will be the part of Slovakian Championship as well.

Some of the polish rounds will be also the part of European Championship and will attract the best world famous drivers.

The length of the road routes is usually between 3 to nearly 6 km and the longest route includes 35 turns.

Such a short distance requires an extraordinary concentration and no mistakes are allowed there.

Every second matters during the race and this makes GSMP very attractive for the followers.

The service station close to the race route makes the event even more interesting for the motorsport fans.

Awards in 2017 : 2nd champion of Polish hill climbing championship category A/PL+2000

8.rounds finished on a podium in A/PL+2000 class

2.rounds finished on a podium 3rd 2nd place in A/PL group

16th.place in Division 2 classification of the European Championship

‘Weapon’  BMW E36 M3

  • Engine 6 cylinders 3200 ccm3
  • Oil: Penrite 10w60
  • Power: 321ps
  • Torque 350Nm
  • Acceleration 4.0 s (0-100 km/h)
  • Sequential gearbox 6 speed
  • Clutch : Kevlar
  • Weight 1300kg
  • Suspension: Pedders
  • Brakes: carbon

Season 2018 calendar

1 i 2 round 11-13.05-2018 Załuż GSMP/IHCC/HHCC/CEZ

3 i 4 round 15-17.06-2018 Magura GSMP

5 i 6 round 27-29.07-2018 Limanowa GSMP/EHC

7 i 8 round 03-05.08-2018 Jankowy Vrstok GSMP/CEZ/MSR – Slovakia

9 i 10 round 17-19.08-2018 Sopot GSMP/CEZ

11 i 12 round 31.08-02.09-2018 Czarna góra  GSMP

13 i 14 round 14-16.09-2018 Korczyna  GSMP

We hope that, you have noticed all the benefits and values of our cooperation and we look forward to achieve success together in a forthcoming season.

We will be proud to promote our sponsors and we will do our utmost to represent their company and brand worthily.



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