MK Racing Team

MK Racing Team

Poland race team

, Poland

Me and my friends create the MK Racing Team. We participate in Poland Hill Climb Championship. This is one of the most popular type of motosport in Poland, where we can see about 100 copetitors in many diffrent cars and what is very important, we can find there hundreds of fans.

I had many experiences with cars when I was young, but my real challenge started in 2011 when I get a driving license. I bought a car and I started participate in competitions. In 2011 I became a finalist of Kia Lotos Race too. It was a very prestige and profesional competition for amatour racing driver from around the country. In final I spent 10 days at the camp where I learned many things about driving, marketing etc. In 2013 I started first time in professional racing (in Hill Climb Racing) but my first full season was in 2017 and it was great success. Generally all of the time I was competing in amatour events and I have many success. My budget never was too big so it was very difficult to start in profesional races, but I succeeded and I hope I will can still do this. I learn all the time, I want to be better and better and I know I will can be the best.


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