O'Neil Brothers Racing

O'Neil Brothers Racing

Motorcycle Racing Team

7315, Australia

O'Neil Brothers Racing are four brothers from Tasmania who are passionate about their dirtbikes and having fun on and off the track.

Tully 16, Dusten 14, Aran 12 and Hudson 9 years of age, live on the North West coast of Tasmania where they have great access to fantastic terrain for riding including bushlands, high country, coastal sand tracks and Motox and Enduro circuits.

The Brothers also take their dirtbike riding seriously when it comes to competition. Each of the Boys are athletes in their own right, and are the first to recommend an active, healthy lifestyle if you want to succeed at becoming the best that you can.

Competition is strong on the NW Coast and this helps build competent and fast Dirtbike racers. The Brothers have tasted success at National levell over the more recent years. Competing in the Victorian Off Road Championships in 2016, both Tully and Dusten claimed the #1 Championship in there respective classes. Competing also at national levell with the Australian Off-Road Championships, travelling to 12 rounds a year in states including Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Tasmania boasts a strong Enduro scene with plenty of competition and events held statewide.

The Team is consistent with promoting and recommending various Partners and their products. Products such as Penrite lubricants, that enhance the Teams overall experience, are a valuable and key element to reliability and performance which is of paramount importance when it comes to pursuing success and minimizing breakdowns.

Penrite is the only Lubricant our riders bikes experience. We like the way in which the bike both performs and outlasts compared to other brands, only having experienced positive results with Penrite lubricants.

Lyndon,or dad, started using Penrite oil around about 30 years ago in an Automotive workshop in the town of Ulverstone. Back then the Penrite oil was purchased from Merv Gray,in Launceston. Merv was the founder of an Engine Machining shop, he was also passionate about lubrication. Lyndon began using Penrite back then and has never changed to another brand, quoted as saying he "has witnessed many instances where an engine should have siezed", but didn't, due only to the formulation of the lubricant being used, namely Penrite.

Thankyou Penrite for the Australian brand that outperforms.


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