Penrite Brand Ambassador - James North


Burnout Car - 1976 SS Torana Hatchback

3138, Australia

"Fryzem" its a 1976 SS Torana hatchback.

It has an angry supercharged methanol 350 Chev under the bonnet making 1003 horse power. It's backed up by a 2 speed power glide transmission with a 3800rpm tce stall convertor. The diff has a full floating ford nine inch. The car itself is a 3/4 chassis car with the potential to run a high 7 low 8 second quarter mile pass. I use the car as a burnout car competing in competitions at the top level right across Australia. 

The list of placing over the past 12 years is huge. Fryzem has become known not only as Australia's toughest burnout Torana but also as the most photographed burnout car in Australia. We pride ourselves on being able to relate to our fans.

We use and recommend only Penrite lubricants. In the engine we use HPR 30 and it is nothing short of fantastic with the methanol fuel we run. In the transmission we use Penrite ATF 33 and Penrite 140 Gear Oil in the diff. The cooling system uses a serious dose of Penrite Race Inhibitor. The Race Inhibitor is amazing in any situation where heat can be your worst enemy.


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