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This is the modified 1929 Model A Ford Snowmobile that is taking on the Desert Rattler Run. The build of this vehicle has taken Rod a full five months with the assistance of his mechanic and auto electrician Matt Dawson. The gearing is unique with a 30% under drive from Mitchells in LA. The wheels and tyres on the front are for the sandy deserts and with the tracks off, there will be matching tyres on the rear. This has been a trial and error exercise and we are hoping the errors have all been corrected!! From bare chassis to completed ready to go 1929 Model A Ford has been a real challenge and Snyder's Antique Parts in the USA have been generous and just ever so helpful with whatever was needed to make the Rattler what it is.

Again what a beautiful noise and what a unique vehicle that can hopefully create history by being the first pre-war car, rear wheel drive to cross from the furthest point west, Steep Point WA to the furthest point east Byron Bay NSW via Australia's five deserts including the Simpson Desert and the notorious Big Red.

Vintage Adventurer Rod Wade, the 72-year-old Queenslander with a passion for motoring challenges, has set himself the toughest adventure yet - crossing Australia from the furthest point west to the furthest point east via five of the driest and most inhospitable deserts in the world.

After setting two World Records in the past twelve months, Rod is planning to start the 'Desert Rattler' from Steep Point, in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, and head across the Great Victorian Desert.

Sleeping under the stars, Rod and his support team will then cross the Gibson Desert and Great Sandy Desert as they head for Uluru, more commonly known as Ayres Rock. Rod will be asking the local aborigines for the permits he needs to include this landmark in his route.

From there, the adventurers head to Kulgera to Birdsville via the Simpson Desert with a possible detour to Poeppel Corner where the three states of the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia converge.

The final charge will see Rod cross the Sturt Stony Desert and head for the final destination of the lighthouse at Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Rod will complete this epic 6,000 kilometre journey in a 1929 Ford Model A that will be specially built for the challenge and final trials of a prototype will commence in early April after he returns from competing in the Road to Mandalay Rally at the beginning of March.

Unlike Rod's other challenges, the Desert Rattler won't be against the clock and is estimated to take up to 14 days, with a team of volunteers already signed up to help including two Ford Model A specialists from the USA.


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