Penrite 4WD Brand Ambassador


4WD Adventurer

4154, Australia



Forty years ago I learnt the value of good oils while operating and maintaining mining equipment in the Aussie outback, possibly the harshest environment on earth to run machines. A decade later, I was testing motorcycles for 'Two Wheels' magazine and kicked off the lifestyle Harley magazine 'Live to Ride'. Part of that job involved combining my bush mechanic skills and journalism to create regular workshop content where I always stressed the value of good oil, particularly my personal favourite, Australia's own Penrite.


Another part involved riding my 1984 kickstart Harley called 'Ruby' around the country covering events. Thirty two years and 740,000km later and Ruby's still going strong. Her oil? Penrite turbo diesel.


For a 'Two Wheels' projects I used my old 1959 BMW, a bike I bought second hand in 1973. We fitted a 1980's 1000cc motor and five speed in 1988 allowing the old girl to run 13 second quarter miles. Yes, there was an issue with braking but I still ride her most days now proving that regularly changing her Penrites throughout the drivetrain is the cheapest insurance a machine can have.


In the 1990's I expanded my 'project workshop' magazine business to include 4WD's and so began the legend of Milo, Australia's best known old Toyota. Running a four cylinder turbo charged truck motor Milo has put in over twenty years and 800,000km in front of various cameras and always running on Penrite oils.


Other vehicles in my magazine stable include a 350 Chev equipped Toyota ute called 'The Red Truck', a turbo charged 2H Toyota 8 speed wagon called 'Mustard', 'Hotlips' the WW2 Jeep I rebuilt for a book on simple mechanics and another dozen or so motorcycles depending on whether or not your talking to my wife. These vehicles get used hard and thrive on their Penrite. It's a lifelong addiction around here, not unlike the machines themselves. 


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