Warby Motorsport

Warby Motorsport

Unlimited World Water Speed Record 2017

2290, Australia

 In 1977 Ken Warby broke the Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record,on Blowering Dam N.S.W with a speed of 288.60 MPH, Ken returned in 1978 to set his second & current record of 317.60MPH, which to this day remains unbroken, Now 40 years on from Ken’s first world record, Warby Motorsport will again challenge for the Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record, with a new boat & driver, Spirit of Australia II with Ken’s son Dave Warby driving.

Over the past 5 years the father & son team have working side by side building the new Spirit of Australia II.  The new boat is completed with successful testing undertaken in July 2017 at Taree N.S.W.  The team will move testing to the home of the World Water Speed Record, Blowering Dam N.S.W to allow the team to test the boat at higher speeds on the 10 km long course . we are looking forward to returning to the Snowy Mountains Region of N.S.W, to catch up with friend’s & make new ones, and breaking a new World Water Speed Record.


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