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Australian Auto Aftermarket Association 2017 Most Innovative New Packaging Award WINNER

Penrite Oil Company has been proudly Australian and family owned since 1926. Innovation, premier quality and a focus on local manufacturing are three key attributes behind our 90 year plus success story. Therefore, we are proud to be the first Australian lubricant manufacturer to introduce a new dispensing system that is kind to our environment, decreases packaging wastage, increases bulk lubricant storage capacity and increases workplace safety for trade customers .

Penrite has partnered with Cleanaway, Australia’s leading waste management company, to provide a simple option for disposing of the empty Enviro Box™ bladder bags for trade customers.


Enviro Box™ is a bag-in-a-box concept for packaging and dispensing lubricant. A bladder bag is housed inside a 100% recyclable cardboard box, as opposed to the traditional plastic drum method. It will revolutionise the way lubricants are manufactured, packaged, distributed, handled & stored.

Enviro Box™ is designed to reduce landfill waste, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Enviro box range expands


Penrite Oil Enviro Box™ - Mark Larkham
Penrite Oil Enviro Box™ Workshops - Mark Larkham
Today's solution for a better tomorrow


  • 85% reduction in landfill waste
  • Can be used to hold and dispose of used oil
  • Ease of disposal
  • 100% cardboard recycling
  • Keep track of oil usage with "Litres used" tracker
  • Robust bladder design
  • Simple and compact storage

Instructions - Attaching the Enviro Box™ 20Lt dispensing nozzle


How to recycle the Enviro Box™



Enviro Box™ will be packed into 20L sizes. Smaller pack sizes will be available shortly.

Enviro Box™ is available from June 2017. Please enquire at your nearest stockist ( view our stockist locator). If you are a Penrite account customer click here to login to your account. If you have an ABN and would like to open a Penrite sales account please contact Jessica Grant on 1300 PENRITE (736 748) or email jgrant@penriteoil.com
  • To reduce landfill waste by 85%.
  • Reduce packaging waste removal costs
  • Assist in easier disposal.*
* compared to the existing 20L plastic drum
For its initial release, Enviro Box™ will be available in 7 products from our Enviro+ range as well as HPR 5:
  • Enviro+ 5W-20
  • Enviro+ 5W-30
  • Enviro+ 5W-40
  • Enviro+ C2 0W-30
  • Enviro+ C4 5W-30
  • Enviro+ DL-1 5W-30
  • Enviro+ GF-5 5W-30
  • HPR 5 5W-40

Enviro Box will be rolled out across other engine oils, ATFs and gear oils shortly.

The dimensions are 50cm deep x 102cm wide x 190cm high.
Where possible, Penrite will pass on any savings

tracker Simply mark off the litres used on the ‘Litres Used’ tracker as you go.

There is no difference in the shelf life of the product using Enviro Box™

Enviro Box™ is the trade marked name of Penrite's new bag-in-the-box packaging concept. Enviro + is the brand of a range of Penrite Engine Oils.

Various stands and pumping solutions are available to Penrite sales account holders. Please click here to login to your account. If you would like to open a Penrite sales account please contact Jessica Grant on 1300 PENRITE (736 748) or email jgrant@penriteoil.com

Yes, we will still be offering 20L plastic drums. Enviro Box™ is an alternative solution for customers who are looking for different packaging options. Customers will be given a choice between Enviro Box™ and the existing 20L plastic drums. Penrite understand there may still be some applications where the 20L drum may be better suited to your needs so the 20L plastic drum will remain available at this time. Plastic drums are still a viable option in wet or damp conditions.
No, the cardboard boxes are not waxed. If they were waxed, they would not be 100% recyclable. The boxes can be recycled in your recycling bin. However without waxing on boxes they are prone to moisture damage. If this is a concern 20L plastic drums are still available.
Yes, the cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and can be disposed in your local cardboard recycling bin. The cardboard is not coated in wax. Waxed cardboard is not recyclable.
Please refer to your local council or recycling center for correct disposal procedures. For Penrite account customers, please call Cleanaway on 13 13 39 for empty bladder removal. Terms and Conditions apply.
bladder Yes, simply remove the threaded tap, fill the bladder and seal accordingly. Please dispose of waste oil responsibly. Options include contacting your local council or referring to promoted services. Click here to find one near you
Enviro Box™ can be stored in your garage, shed or home. Please store in a dry, safe location and follow lifting instructions on the box.
In true Penrite tradition, the Enviro Box™ will be locally manufactured in Brisbane, Australia!
Yes, each Enviro Box comes with a tap.
Yes, Penrite is very proactive and innovative in designing today's solution, for a better tomorrow. Penrite was recently voted the 2017 WINNER for the most innovative NEW packaging award by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA)
To ensure the highest level of quality of the product, reusing used 20L plastic drum is not a current option due to risks including cross-contamination, integrity of container and internal quality accreditation standards. Enviro Box™ ensures no less than 85% of the packaging is recycled.
Unfortunately, at this point of time we only provide the 20L packaging. Penrite will continue to sell the 60L and 205L drums which are recyclable.

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