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Penrite Oil- PREMIUM MINERAL 20W-50 - 20W-50

Premium Mineral 20W-50 is a high quality premium mineral, SAE 20W-50 friction modified engine oil made from pure hydrocracked base oils and the latest anti-wear additive system that provides complete engine protection, less sludge formation and reduc...
LATEST oil specification technology meeting API SN... + read more

PRO 20 20W-50 (Mineral) (TRADE ONLY)
Penrite Oil- PRO 20 20W-50 (Mineral) (TRADE ONLY) - 20W-50

Pro 20 is a premium quality, SAE 20W-50, premium mineral engine oil developed for use in modern petrol, LPG and light duty diesel (non DPF) engines exclusively by professional workshops and vehicle service centres. It uses a combination of the latest...
Can be used where SJ, SL, SG or SF oils were recom... + read more

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